Rent Your Wanaka Property This Winter

rent your wanaka property this winter

Here at Manage My House, we look after long term rentals and short term holiday rentals but we also look after a range of winter rentals too.

Winter rentals are a great option for property owners if they want the flexibility throughout the summer months, where they may rent their house out as a holiday rental or use it themselves. Then come winter you have tenants in your property occupying it for 3-4 months which gives you a good steady income but a great balance of both terms throughout the year. Hopefully increasing your rental yield.

The winter rental market is typically from mid-June until mid-October. Our rentals attract families and workers who are here for the ski season. We have many tenants that return year after year to live, work , ski in this beautiful landscape.

We are always seeking homes for our winter rentals and homes that suit are more often than not two, three and four-bedroom homes as well as high-end luxury homes.

If you have a property you would like to discuss our winter rental option with then please just get in touch with us today at 03 443 2455.

Couch and houseplants in Wanaka rental property

What are landlords responsible for?

When you decide to rent our your Wanaka property you have to consider all the responsibilities you have as a landlord.

Landlords have quite significant responsibilities but we’ve broken it down to a basic list of ten.

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Holiday Home Living Room

Long Term Rental vs Short Term Holiday Home Rental

We have a lot of clients asking us for our opinion on whether they should rent their house out long term or do shorter-term holiday rentals.

Normally this is a topic which is very much dependent on your personal circumstances and will typically come down to your preferences. When making the decision on which is most suited to you there are a couple of things that you should consider.

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