How Much Rent Can You Afford?

This is really important! You want to be able to enjoy yourself and not be spread too thin. Before applying for a property, take a moment to think about all of your expenses and how much rent you can afford to pay. Most people aim to spend 35% or less of their take home income…Read More→

What are tenants responsible for?

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What are tenants responsible for? Quite a lot actually! Tenants have significant responsibilities but we’ve broken it down to a basic list for you. Pay the rent on time. Keep the property clean and tidy. Let the landlord know about any damage or need for repairs straight away. Pay for repairs if they or their…Read More→

Preventing mould and condensation

When you as a new tenant move into your new rental you have a responsibility to keep the house clean and tidy and up to an acceptable standard as discussed with your property manager or landlord. Part of this is keeping the house in a condition which doesn’t encourage mould and damp. A well-aired, ventilated…Read More→