Break Lease form for fixed tenancy

A fixed term tenancy is what it says, a fixed term. They can be difficult to end, but sometimes can be ended by mutual agreement by both parties. Many owners do not want to agree to break this agreement as have signed you up so they have it fixed on their side too. The agreement cannot be ended by giving notice. You can apply to break your fixed lease early; this often involves keeping your contract valid until a new approved tenancy is in place.  Manage My House will do what it can to assist facilitating this but there is no guarantee that you will be able to break your lease. The cost to break a lease is approximately $1350 + GST . You will be emailed an approximate breakdown of expected charges once we know you want to Break Lease. We cannot invoice the full amount until we know the costs involved as this process has many variables. You will initially be invoiced a non refundable deposit of $600+ GST to cover advertising and other initial administrative jobs. A breakdown of these fees are available and will be emailed. The additional charges will be invoiced once it is known the time and costs taken for administration, viewings, advertising etc. Please make an appointment with your property manager to come to the office to go through the Break Lease process – contact us.

Periodic Tenancies

Please advise me in an email (click here) with at least 28 working days notice that you are ending your Periodic Agreement. If received after 4pm this will count as the next working day. I will then be in contact to organise viewings to find new tenants. It is a good idea to put a read receipt on the email and call me you have not had acknowledgement within 4 hours of the business day.

Break Tenancy – Post 11 Feb 21

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    The tenant also acknowledges that there is no guarantee to be able to break a fixed lease or replacement tenants can take over from the first date available.
    To break a fixed tern tenancy I agree to above and will pay the charged invoices, starting with an initial non refundable fee of $600+GST before Manage My House will contact the owner seeking permission to alter your Tenancy Agreement.
    I agree that, as a tenant I will do what I can to assist in allowing multiple viewings, possibly at short notice to assist in having new tenants take over my TenancyAgreement
    The tenant is legally liable to pay the rent until the day before the new tenancy commences (and not the day that they vacate the property).
    The tenant may also be liable for other costs, i.e. smoke alarm check and potential meth tests – as per your landlords requirements.
    Acknowledge that if a suitable replacement tenant can be found to take over a lease, the new tenant must satisfy MMH tenant criteria and be subject to approval from the owner. No tenant/tenancy change over can occur without our/landlord approval.
    I am aware there are an additional two working days between tenancies to allow MMH to do the final inspections report and prepare report for incoming tenants. These 2 days are at my cost.
    I am aware the house has to be left in a good clean condition, as I was before I moved in and I will most likely have to pay for a spring clean at the discretion of MMH. If the house is perfectly clean and a cleaner is not required. there will be no cleaning fee. The tenant acknowledges house to be returned in same clean condition of moving in photos and chattels are returned to original location.